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There are only two types or motorcycle riding equipment specifically designed to help save a rider’s life in severe crashes. Your helmet and a neck brace. Using alternative load path technology Leatt®’s STX neck brace seamlessly integrates comfort, function and freedom of movement.
The LEATT STX is the perfect neck protection for an over the garment fit! Unlike the off-road GPX and the bicycle DBX neck brace which are designed for an on the body fit the STX will be at its best over your riding gear!
Designed to work over your protectors, your leathers or any type of textile riding gear the STX will give you maximum protection but yet very comfortable. Adventure street and touring motorcycle riders love this neck brace as well as speedway and flat track racers.

  • Optimized for over the riding gear fit!
  • No-tool size adjustment
  • Unique rear scapula wings designed to accommodate back armor or aerodynamic hump
  • Folding rear scapula wings allows for easy carrying/storage
  • Motor Cyclist Magazine says: “So comfortable you soon forget you have it on.”
  • Integrated padding accommodates movement for over-the-shoulder views.
  • Rubber-coated front tip helps prevent motorcycle body scratches.
  • Jacket zipper relief
  • Comes with optional strap system
  • Replacement parts available
  • Adjustable sizing to fit most riders
  • Available in size #S/M, #L/XL and #XXL
  • Weighs only 740 grams/26 ounces!