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Have different Madden NFL every year


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They need to adopt the call of duty strategy. 3 separate but committed development studios all rotating and working on the same IP. EA's business plan is monopolizing brands. I've heard Madden 20 coins of folks indicating they change to a'pay for an annual roster update' model, but this might be the very first time that I've heard a suggestion that they should utilize a rotating studio strategy. They have the resources to do it, and it has worked for additional annual / nearly annual releases. Since Assassin's Creed switched to this version there has been an uptick from the franchise's fortunes.

I believe it's the very first time you're hearing it cause why would do it to start with? Why change a model that is suitable for them. As somebody mentioned in this post, EA's business model is to pay to brands for licenses that are exclusive, then make Madden NFL 21 only enough that is good to sell to casuals. We aren't the target audience franchise could be the selling point. MUT/FUT makes them billions each year, and EA's priority would be the shareholders (I get it from a business POV). I mean if you hear a podcast by Rex (previous lead writer for Madden), he discusses that he pitched delaying Madden NFL 21 by annually to rebuild it from the ground up, and the"suits" took it like a joke/were angry at even the suggestion. Again, why delay Madden NFL 21 by a year if quality is not your main concern?

Ultimately especially the ones that are casuals and the players are responsible for Madden NFL 21s collapse. We keep allowing the suits know that the lack of quality is ok and spending money. Having the tools and justifying the cost (read:they think that it will bring in greater than the price ) are entirely different.

Wouldn't utilize Madden because cheap Mut 20 coins you'd end up with three distinct versions of Madden, and if you find one you like, then you have to wait three years to get a new edition, since others won't be the same. Since it's a easy formulation of FPS coD works, and they have different Madden NFL every year. You don't expect to build on the past, you expect it to be a new coat of paint to the basic formula. It might be an issue because let's say for rushing solid logic is built by one team, but another has logic for racing. It means every 3 years you'd have racing that is bad. Bits of them can't just smash the code will become a complete mess. And if something broke, then you would want to bring in the group that did that code, and have them dive into more code that's been added that they're not familiar with.


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