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There are two varieties of cooking


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So in my opinion crafting is an excellent ability which if done properly will make you a lot of money. Mining is most likely the most popular skill in all of Runescape. Why? Since mining is a great way to make money and the best thing is you don't have to become a high lvl in the skill. The money starts racking in at lvl 15!!! The major money manufacturers of mining would be rune/pure character, iron ore, coal, mithril, adamantite (if you're able to mine it), and rune (if you're able to OSRS gold mine it and locate it). Here are some mining locations:

To mine rune/pure character you must have finished the Rune Mysteries quest. After you're done the quest you're able to speak to Audbury to teleport you to the rune/pure nature mine. Dwarven mines (located near Falador) have a lot of iron rocks. The mine north of Al-Kharid is also extremely great for iron ore. There are a number of places to mine coal. You can go north of Edgeville to a coal mine which has 34 rocks (Downside is that it's in the jungle ). South-west of Lumbridge is also a excellent spot to mine coal. But the most popular location to mine coal is the Dwarven mine (like the mining guild).

There are just 2 runite stones in the whole non-member world! They are situated north of their Lava-Maze. Mining is a great ability that can get you cash very fast! I would suggest it to everyone!

Runecrafting is simply just turning rune/pure essence into runes

There are two varieties of cooking: cooking fish/meat and cooking bread/pies/stews/pizzas/cakes. Cooking fish/meat isn't profitable because uncooked fish/meats sell for cheap RuneScape gold more then cooked ones. The cause of this is because a few people today want the cooking experience more than the money so they will pay more for the uncooked fish. Cooking fish/meat is not profitable.



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