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I've been reading through many of the testimonials


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It's clear a 12 month dev cycle is not enough to Mut 21 coins fix all of the issues with current gen Madden. MUT seems to be the 1 thing that they invest the most time on every year. It's basically a loot treadmill using new and better cards being published every week. It's not enjoyable"grinding" for a better team. And it is not fun getting lined up with a competitor who has dropped tens of thousands of dollars on a group. This game needs bad and competition. 2004 was the final good year for Soccer games which was the previous year 2K made an NFL accredited Football game. Regrettably that isn't going to happen anytime soon because EA and the NFL just re-upped their own exclusivity deal. Which isn't a surprise since Madden is consistently a top-10 seller every year. At most we are going to get a 2K branded non-simulation Football game, but I do not think it's going to scratch that Football itch. It sucks being a baseball match fan right now.

FUT and MUT would be the worst, scummiest money grabbing trash pits to ever feature in modern video games. I would rather go and throw my cash into slot machines, atleast I've a chance of winning something there. That needs to be the worst cover in human history. Like seriously, who the fuck made that? Did the CEO let his 4 years-old test out Photoshop for half an hour? Steam does not count review bombs . For a game to get a negative score, the reviews have to be consistently negative. I think that the game improved in some areas from this past year, however what they mended is stuff that should be the bare minimum to get a football game. Receivers actually attempt to select the ball when you are attempting to throw them open. I am able to finish 70-80% of my moves in most madden, but a lot of my incompletions are so stupid. It is stuff like receivers breaking their path and running into each other whenever they never break off their routes to find open.

I've been reading through many of the testimonials and there appears to be a few recurring themes. Animation glitches freezing your hands of the participant; linebackers constantly bumbling into their own teammates like idiots; cornerbacks rooted to the ground as the resistance runs beyond them; woeful story mode; endless de-sync issues; noise FX blaring out randomly; nothing new added to the existing modes. It seems difficult to justify charging £50 for this, even when the new The Yard mode does seem like fun. The annualised game franchises (Madden/Nba/Fifa) are the absolute bottom tier when it comes to cheap Madden 21 coins. Yes they are even shitter than mobile games. You'd be better off spending your money on a package of cigarettes. Woah woah woah, don't be going and putting cigarettes in precisely the same league as that garbage, at least you get a much quicker death out of your money with them.


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