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This can be rather demotivating me to play PSO2


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Same with undesirable ass grabbing for Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta gay characters for comedic outcomes. Because seeing nude women will make u to a rapist, so seeing nude children will make u into a child rapist /s. The web loves the see things in the most fucked up manner possible. Like a child eating a banana on the recent car comercial. The cencor mentality that every1s defending isnt the exact same mindset that muslims have? Better cover up the wamen too.

It is called"moral grandstanding". When I was a child my parents made me go to Sunday school. There was a guy there who constantly talked about how horrible prostitution was and how any man who employed a prostitute required to be penalized heavily. It had been his pet ethical issue he somehow was able to shoe horn into every single discussion. Sure enough, this guy was caught and detained for slamming prostitutes.

That is the feeling I get from these people who equate liking the enormous tiddy anime drawing (harmless) to pedophilia (a dreadful crime that destroys lives). Be cautious of individuals who constantly point fingers since they are likely trying to divert you from their own moral failings. Additionally, lolis are delicious. This can be rather demotivating me to play PSO2 on Western crap servers. This can be on top of elimination of things, half butt item description along with other cut material from prior episodes. Thank goodness PSO2 Tweaker remains being updated despite the Steam launch. It's fucking stupid how Sega West are still pandering to twitter clowns and dumb mainstream media.

Newsflash. They do not play with these games ever. "But she's underage!!!" I guess 2D artwork has more faith than actual life lol XD. And this is a Sega Japan game. It was put there by decision of the actual devs back in Japan, not the imitation clowns in the Sega West team. Now I'm anxious by how New Genesis will fit in all of this. The half ass thing description is this a disgrace. It's no wonder that they could in fact release the episodes whenever possible.

They really need to fire and make a big overhaul of whoever the team is handling the localization of the. Having never actually played Episode 4 nonetheless on the Global version, I was personally surprised to realize that the depictions of nudity and also the dialogue turning it was really changed.

It can be because I'm not especially huge on anime tropes however the start of Episode 4 to me was entertaining and also difficult to work during when I was around family. I was aware of the bath scenes being eliminated but if I can be honest I don't exactly know whether the story of the game or cheap PSO2 Meseta its ethics is destroyed because rather than hinting nudity the characters have clothes slapped on instead.


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