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How to get more OSRS gold?


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Head to Aubury. He tells you that you need some White Knight equipment to defeat the Killerwatt. Purchase a scimitar and battleaxe, then head Aubury again. He will teleport you to the Land of Lightning. When you get there, your armour is mechanically banked, except the Sword of Thunder and Aqua Scale. Equip both. Head over to RuneScape gold the water supply on the minimap, but it is going to be a shock tap instead.

Then the Killerwatt appears. Put on Protect Melee. It is lvl 190 monster, however, fortunately, his maximum hit is 10, and he has a low defence lvl. Use the exceptional Attack of the sword (explained later) and get him to half of your health. Take advantage of your b-axe onto it and he must die. Pick this up. There are now lots of people around now. Head over to the General Store. Ajit should be there. Speak with him and he'll congratulate you on killing it. He will buy the Thunder Chainbody from you for 50k.

Access to the Land of Lightning-speak to Aubury to get there. Thunder weapons have exactly the very same stats as weapons, but somewhat better. Costs 100k. Randomly hits 40. Costs 90k Thunder B-Axe- Sonic Boom: Knocks enemy rear 10 figurines, drains electricity to 0, and deals 15 for you. Costs 110k

Thunder Mace- Thunder Crusher: Always deals 25. Prices 90k. Thunder Warhammer: Shockwave: Enhancing your strength, and enhances defence and attack. Costs 100k. Thunder Bow- Paralyzer: Same result as Snare spell. Costs 120k. Armour is just like dragon armour, but somewhat higher. Thunder Chainmail: Prices 70k. You Can Purchase Thunder equipment from Scala, at the Armoury at the Land of Lightning.

Ok guys everyone on this forum complains about randoms, personally, I think they're rather cool. Anyway my proposal to buy OSRS gold make them"better". Before you call me a noob, nearly all of my ideas are generally well accepted with this forum and I'm a longstanding slammer(well longish).



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