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Why lighting needs aluminium stage truss


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Why lighting needs aluminium stage truss

I will talk about lighting and aluminium stage truss, which are basically inseparable. Why do lights need aluminium stage truss so much?

Let’s not talk about the performances outside. Some of the stalls do not pursue good lighting effects. They just start a performance with a headlight. But can you do this in the theater? Certainly it will not work. If those opera houses, theaters, and performance theaters all play a headlight like this, I think the audience will throw various bottles.

Therefore, those theaters will definitely use a variety of lights. These lights are usually hung on the top, so that various scenes and plots can be displayed through the lights according to the progress of the performance. So, have you seen how the lights hang on top? If the ceiling is empty, how to hang the light, hang it with a rope. In fact, it is not necessary. If you look closely, there is an aluminium stage truss on the top. With the support of the truss, the light can be hung on the top well.

That's why I often say, "When it comes to lighting, you have to talk about outdoor concert stage sale", because the outdoor concert stage sale performance without light is not perfect, and the light without aluminum alloy truss is just like playing with children.



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